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Hot Chocolate With God: Just Me & Who God Created Me to Be


In a world where girls are inundated with strong messages of sexuality, cosmetic beauty and the pressures to grow up too quickly, it's important for Christian parents to have wholesome, age-appropriate, fun resources for tweens to explore their individuality, but keep their relationship with God. Stores are shelves and magazine racks are lined with books that are supposedly written for young girls, but are filled with topics that are better suited to teenage girls and young women.

The book, Hot Chocolate With God: Just Me & Who God Created Me to Be by Camryn Kelly with Jill and Erin Kelly is an entertaining, interactive read written specifically for Christian girls between the ages of 8 and 12. Inside the books pages are fun facts, scriptures, personal quizzes and areas for journal entries, so your daughter can learn about herself while exploring God's important messages for her.

The tween years are complex and many girls crave opportunities to express themselves while figuring out what their purpose is. Hot Chocolate With God blends the teachings of the Holy Bible with the day-to-day questions all young girls have. There are place for them to write personal entries about what their favorite things are as well as explore the bigger things like what makes them happy and sad.

Hot Chocolate With God is a the first volume in a series of interactive Christian books for tween girls. I feel it fills a void in literature for young Christians and look forward to sharing more with the young ladies in my family.