The Squire and the Scroll

The Squire and the Scroll

A book about honor and purity for boys

  What young boy doesn’t enjoy the idea of upholding truth and honor while slaying dragons? What parent doesn’t enjoy a book that will draw their children in while enhancing godly lessons? Wonderfully written by Jennie Bishop and beautifully illustrated by Preston McDaniels, this book uses the world of knights and dragons to teach insights about guarding yourself and maintaining purity.

  A dreadful dragon has stolen the Lantern of Purest Light from a peaceful kingdom. All but one knight has gone on a quest to find and return the Lantern but none have returned. Finally the last night, along with his trusted squire, set off on a journey to accomplish the task that so many before them have attempted. Before his departure, the young squire’s parents present him with a scroll from which he has been taught his entire life. This scroll contains five truths that guide the young man’s actions and direct him to the right paths.

  Through the course of their adventures, the squire uses his knowledge from the scroll to assist them. The five truths reflect guarding what Bishop calls the “five doors” to the heart: guarding your ears, guarding your eyes, your lips, your feet, and your breath. The knight falls prey to one of the obstacles and the squire must go on alone. In the end he meets the dragon who has stolen the Lantern. How will this young boy regain the Lantern and save his kingdom?  Though I won’t give away the ending I will give a bit of a hint; the scroll (which is a reflection of the bible) is more than it seems…

  Our son loves this book and has asked for his own scroll. I think we will be making one for him as well as purchasing the companion study guide, Life Lessons from the Squire and the Scroll. In the world we live in teaching our sons about honor and purity (of heart, mind, and body)is a difficult task and I welcome a resource that helps us accomplish this goal in a way that reaches our children and abides by the Scriptures. For it is only by the Word that we will be able to teach this.