Review: The Princess and the Kiss

Review: The Princess and the Kiss

by Jennie Bishop


  What is it with little girls and princesses? It seems to be an ingrained thing with them; wanting to read about one, dress like one, act like one, look like one, etc…  I don’t ever remember being like that but I can tell you one thing, my oldest girl definitely has princess fever! What better way to reach her for a great life lesson than by using a topic she is obsessed with? This sweet book reaches out to little girls about a topic that is a vitally important one.

  The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop explores the topic of purity in a sweet and modest way that is suited to reaching young girls. The topic is presented in the vein of a precious gift from God; your first kiss. The gift is given to the parents to guard for their young daughter until she reaches an age where she can guard the gift for herself. When the time comes for her to take possession of the gift she must decide who is worthy of sharing this with her.

  The book brings out a number of suitors who try to win her heart and her gift. Everything from Prince Peacock (who is quite enamored of himself) to Prince Treasurechest (whose first love is money) and the princess realizes that none of them would treasure her gift as it should be treasured.  She goes through a time of doubting that there will ever be a husband for her and is reassured that even if there isn’t; God has special plans for her. A man does eventually come that is worthy and God has placed him there for the young princess. He possesses something special that has been saved just for the princess.

  This book can open the communication about purity with a young girl in a way that is non-threatening and completely age appropriate. As your daughter grows the innocence of the first kiss can be expanded upon to include the other intimacies that go along with a relationship meant for a husband and wife. It shows how our “firsts” are a gift from God and we have the choice to save those gifts for the husband God has for us. The position of purity and abstinence is not a popular one in the world today but it is one that we must address with our daughters and sons with the prayer that they will follow the will of God.

I pray that the Lord be with each of you, my dear readers, in the coming year. I pray that if you have children, you will find the right way to address this topic in an age appropriate way that will move the heart of your children to follow what the Lord has set before us.