Princess with a Purpose

Princess with a Purpose

A princess prep school story by Kelly Chapman

If you are a girl, have a girl, or ever even been near a girl then you probably realize that the vast majority of them are obsessed with princesses…utterly, ridiculously obsessed.  I actually fall into the rather small minority that couldn’t care less about them but my 4 year old on the other hand…let’s just say she’s got tiaras on the brain! Since we’ve discovered that teaching life lessons can often be done best by using stories that are of interest to that particular child we attempt to search out ones that fall into that category.  Many of the princess stories out there don’t exactly enhance the beliefs that we have set forward but we have found one that does a beautiful job.

 Princess with a Purpose is about a young girl named Caroline who attends a Princess Prep School with less than excellent results due to the snootiness of another young girl. You see, little Caroline lives with her grandmother and doesn’t have a mother or father and this is fodder for the other girl who says that to be a real princess your father must be a king. After a rather trying day, Caroline goes home and when she falls asleep has a dream about attending Princess Prep School, only this time it is located at the Castle of Calvary. Can you guess where this is leading?

  Through events and discussions in the dream, Caroline comes to understand that what makes a real princess isn’t the dress, tiaras, gowns, or riches; rather, what makes a real princess is a heart full of love for her King and for others.  Her teacher gently tells her that to be a true princess your father must not only be a king but be the King of Kings. Of course since young Caroline is an orphan she is dismayed that she doesn’t have a king for a father until she is gently reminded that when she accepted Jesus as her Savior He became her father.  The joy expressed by this young girl is one that I pray to see in my own daughters when they accept Jesus and realize that they are coheirs with Christ. They will be princesses then more so than any earthly one can ever be.

  The short, sweet book that focuses on who we are in Christ rather than who we are in the world is a perfect one for a little girl’s library. It holds the imagination and enchants a young heart to dream of becoming a princess one day.  I pray that our daughters grow up to become true princesses.