Parties with a Purpose

Parties with a Purpose

Sharing God's Love Through Fantastically Fun Parties

Children look forward to their birthdays every year. The celebrations are often treated as mini holidays built around the little guy or gal's special day, with phone calls, cards, gifts, cake and parties with family and friends. What's not to love?


Many kids choose a theme for their parties, often selecting a favorite TV characters, superheroes or even general themes like princesses or dinosaurs. These party themes are a lot of fun, but aren't the only options for a great birthday bash. In fact, Karol Ladd wrote a whole book full of ideas that aren't just fun, but also tie in Christian values. It's called Parties with a Purpose: Sharing God's Love Through Fantastically Fun Parties.

The book comes with a wide variety of party themes that are simple to put together, friendly to a family or church budget and offer tons of fun to both boys and girls. Each theme is designed around a biblical story, so every party offers entertainment while spreading the word about Christian values. Wouldn't it be nice to see kids having fun with a Noah's Ark theme rather than playing out a scene from a violent children's cartoon?


Some of the themes included in Parties with a Purpose are: The Glad Scientist, Prince and Princess Party, Time for Tea and Wet and Wild Water Party. There are so many different ideas that are appropriate for children from 2 to 15, you can host amazing parties for years, making it a great party planning resource for parents and Sunday school teachers.