The One Year Book of Christian History

The One Year Book of Christian History

With the new year comes fresh goals and hopes for prosperity and happiness. Along with plans for dieting and reconnecting with friends and family, many wish to renew their relationships with God and better embrace their Christian faith.

I believe that understanding and appreciating the past helps to move forward and embrace all the joys that the future can bring. I was delighted to find The One Year Book of Christian History on by E. Michael and Sharon O. Rusten on for just this reason. I'm excited to get my hands on the book and enjoy it in 2012.

Christian History takes the year day by day and shares important days in the Christian faith. What interests me most is that the stories not only cover occurrences from as early as ancient Rome all the way up to the 21st century, but the stories are mixed between everyday men and notable Christian figures. I really enjoy books that count the worth of a man not by how recognizable his name is, but by what he has to share in the world.

Along with each day's story is a small section that includes questions and ideas to reflect upon as well as Scripture that applies to the theme. I read a few pages on Amazon and thought that the passages were poignant and really fit well.

I look forward to getting Christian History and making it a part of my prayer and reflection time next year. I think the lessons of the past are best taken in little by little for deeper thought and understanding.