My Book of Prayers

My Book of Prayers

Children are undeniably a gift from God. They’re answers to prayers for parents all over the world and helping them learn how to pray is giving the gift of God’s love and strength to them. Someday, they will pass what they’ve learned on to their children. It’s a beautiful legacy that Christian families pass on from generation to generation.

Back in 2005 when we adopted our eldest son, my mother-in-law gave him a copy of Su Box’s My Book of Prayers. Inside she wrote a personal message about how he was an answer to our family’s prayers. This book is a family keepsake and a treasured read we’ve shared with our children for over six years now.

My Book of Prayers is a simple book filled with sweet Christian prayers for children to learn how to talk to God about any situation. That’s what my family loves about this book. No matter what struggle or joy, there’s a short prayer written to help our children express their messages.

There are multiple prayers under several categories: My World, My Day, Our World, Sad Days and Happy Days. Each category tackles a number of topics that children can and should pray about, from family matter, like misunderstandings with siblings to being thankful to God in general.

It truly is a family treasure and helps us to help children understand the power and strength in prayer and communication with God. Since my son received the book, we’ve bought several copies for our friends and family members when they bring a new baby into their families.