How to Start Your Own Christian Book Club

How to Start Your Own Christian Book Club

Have you thought about starting a Christian book club in your town? It's not as hard as it may seem, all you really need to do is put together a reading list, find a location to meet and other Christians who wish to read and discuss books with your group.


Starting a Reading List


There are so many types of Christian books to choose from, an ongoing book club wouldn't be hard-pressed for new material at each gathering. You can choose from Christian studies to Christian fiction and the titles are plenty. If you need inspiration, you can talk to your minister for suggestions or check out sites like ours for a variety of titles to get you going. Unless you want to keep your book club focused on one kind of Christian literature, vary your list with several selections from each category, and don't be afraid to choose compelling and possibly slightly controversial books. That's when the discussions can get really deep and interesting. Once you've gathered a good list of books that interest you, you can begin to look for folks to share in your discussions.

Finding a Meeting Place


If you're only planning on a small group gathering, you might want to have your first meeting at your home or a local cafe. If there is great interest in your book club and potential for a large number of participants ask if you may have your first meeting at the church. It's hard to say how many people will show up for the first gathering, so trust your gut. You'd rather have too much space than not enough. Once you've had your first meeting and have a solid idea of the number of participants, then you can discuss with the group what would work better for them on a long term basis. If your group will be small, than you might rotate hosts and meet in each others homes. If there is an overwhelming interest, you might want to ask if there is a night and time when you can gather at the church.


Finding Participants


After you've found your location and made your beginning list of titles, choose one to start your group with. Then make a poster announcing the start of your Christian book club and what title you'll be reading first. If you are from a large church with a big congregation, you might want to start by posting your flier at your own church first. Also, ask if an announcement can be made in your church bulletin and, if there is a time set aside for announcements during services, have it added in too. If your church is small or there is little interest, ask other local churches and libraries to post your flier. Just be prepared for a large turnout if you look outside your own church.


Putting together your own local Christian book club can be a rewarding experience. You can each share your favorite books and enjoy deep discussions from your unique perspectives.