Found: God’s Will

Found: God’s Will

An overview of the book by John MacArthur



This little book has been sitting on our shelf for years and I couldn’t remember if I had taken the

                                       time to read it before or not. I pulled it off the shelf & glanced at the cover; Found: God’s Will by

                                       John MacArthur.


Now why does that name seem so familiar? I know I know it from somewhere…perhaps I have read the book before or heard a sermon by him. I couldn’t really recall at the time but honestly I’ve read so many books that I often can’t remember who wrote what. I tend to do better with a short plot overview than I do with the title of the book or name of the author. Oh well, I settled on this book to read and figured that I would remember sooner or later why I knew the name.

  After reading the book I began to do a little research on the author. As it turn out, John MacArthur continues as the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church as well as being the president of The Master’s College and president and featured teacher of Grace to You. As I was reading through the website I came upon the information that he has published numerous works (close to 400) including the MacArthur Study Bible – aha, that’s where I remember his name from! I think I may have one laying around here somewhere.

Getting back to this book, which incidentally was published the year I was born (shhh…don’t broadcast my age). It outlines 6 principles that Christians ought to follow to be in the will of God. I found it quite amusing in the first chapter where he speaks of people trying to find God’s will; he compares this type of thinking to that of viewing God as a “cosmic Easter bunny” who has hidden His will & wants us to go on a hunt for it. It reminded me of things I have said and things I have heard others say about seeking the will of God. We often wonder what it is, how we can know it, and how to go about doing it. Too often we don’t seek those answers in the bible, where, if we look, it is clearly outlined for us.

So as not to spoil the book, I’ll only give you two, and for bookending’s sake let’s make it the first and last. The first step in knowing God’s will is that you know Christ. There is absolutely no way for someone who doesn’t know Christ to know and understand the will of God. 1 Timothy 2: 4 speaking of God, “Who will have all men be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” It is obvious that God wills all men (and women) to be saved, if we are not saved through Christ then we are not under His will.

The last principle is this, “Do whatever you want.” This seems a little simplistic doesn’t it? Well, in all reality the preceding 5 principles should be fulfilled before this. There are caveats to this one so you can’t just bypass the others and jump right to this. St. Augustine of Hippo is credited with having said, “Love God and do what you want.”  Therein being the sum of the other five principles. If we love God with all that we are then our wants and desires will be in line with His wants and desires.

I encourage you to check out this little book and really evaluate yourself and your life to see if you are placing yourself in a position to have His will revealed to you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!