A Few Recommendations

A Few Recommendations

from my other half

I’ve been attempting to read some light fiction these past few weeks and just can’t come up with anything decent. I get many of my books from the free e-book section on Amazon and honestly haven’t been impressed with my latest finds. They were poorly written with horrific plots and content that probably shouldn’t be classified as “christian fiction.”

In lieu of my own reading   I decided to pick my husband’s mind. He gave me a rundown of a few of his favorites and why he enjoys them.  

3:16 The Numbers of Hope by Max Lucado . It’s not just a systematic bible study that picks apart an entire book of the bible; rather it picks apart one singular verse. It breaks down probably the most beloved verse of the bible and dives into the meaning. It talks of how God loves the world as it is, not necessarily a holy and righteous world.

More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell – short, quick read. The part that really struck him was chapter 3 titled Lord, Liar, or Lunatic. Jesus couldn’t have been just a good man since he claimed to be God, if that statement isn’t true then he was a liar. If he wasn’t God then His statements and actions would have qualified him as a lunatic. He is the Lord.

Way of the Master by Ray Comfort. This book lays out a method of presenting the gospel that relies on showing people that they are sinners. It teaches a presentation that Jesus Himself used when He showed people their sins, gave them the opportunity to repent and to receive grace.

One Heartbeat Away by Mark Cahill – This is a great book for someone wanting to learn how to share their faith. He gives logical rational on why the Bible is fact. In one particular part the author takes on Darwinism with evidence against evolutionism via the animals that are on earth now.

  Now you’ve had a peek into his mind and can see some of the books he has enjoyed in the past. I hope you see one that piques your interest and you have an opportunity to check it out.