The Christian Dad's Answer Book

The Christian Dad's Answer Book

Being a father and family man means more than just financially providing for your family. It's a lifelong commitment to contributing your love, wisdom and faith to those who are most important to you. It is without a doubt the most rewarding challenge a man can accept, but it is indeed challenging. Every day reveals new mysteries, opportunities to grow and never-ending questions that you not only have to answer, but ask yourself.


You're not alone. Every family man has to answer his children's tough questions. Every husband has rough patches in his relationship with his spouse. These are universal truths. They're all a part of living even the happiest, most blessed of lives.

When you need support answering your family's questions or finding the answers to your own, where do you turn? As the head of the household and provider for your family, it can feel lonely or seem like you should already have all the answers, doesn't it? Don't worry, you're not the first guy need some advice—trust me. If you're seeking answers or advice, there are people and resources you can turn to. Your minister. Your friends. Your spouse. Or even a good book.


I recently discovered a book that brought me comfort and gave me some great advice myself—Mike Yorkey's The Christian Dad's Answer Book. It's a compilation of great advice and support from some of the leading Christian experts, past and present, including Max Lucado, Larry Burkett, Gary Smalley and more.


It was clear that these men could relate to some of the cringe-worthy and puzzling situations that I and many others face on a regular basis, from talking to your kids about sexuality to understanding, supporting and connecting with your wife. It's a great resource and you can read it through or reference it when a new challenge presents itself.


Nurturing a family is a challenge for every man, because it's a never-ending roller coaster with all kinds of unexpected twists and turns. Having somewhere or someone to turn to is a gift that God gave us in those we love, respect and whom have all taken turns walking in our shoes.