Bad Girls of the Bible

Bad Girls of the Bible


  This one was recommended to me from my niece who says it is one of her favorite books…ever. Bad Girls of the Bible is written by Liz Curtis Higgs; a wife, mom, author, speaker, radio personality, and most of all: a daughter of God and former Bad Girl. This book gives a unique perspective on learning from the women of the Bible. Rather than study the great women of faith we seek to study the bad girls in the hopes that we will learn from their mistakes.

  Mrs. Higgs covers 10 women in this book and breaks them down into four categories. The first category has only one: First Bad Girl. It, of course, has Eve. The second one, Bad to the Bone, contains three women: Potiphar’s Wife, Delilah, and Jezebel. On a side note: personally I love the sound of the name Jezebel but it, unfortunately, has rather negative connotations so I can’t use it. OK, back on track; the third category contains three more who were Bad for a Moment. Rounding out the crowd is Rahab, the Woman at the Well, and the Sinful Woman who Mrs. Higgs labels as Bad for a Season, but Not Forever.

  Each chapter starts out with a fictional account based on the woman in the Bible and then moves into a study of the verses in the Bible.  Mrs. Higgs researched these women heavily and offers great insight into the scriptures. At the close of the chapters Is a section entitled What Lessons Can We Learn From Eve? Since most of us are normal, rather sinful women then we can gain much from this section as it deals with the actions of these women and how we can benefit from learning from them. The chapters close with Good Girl Thoughts Worth Considering show us ways to help us get through the same type of temptations that faced these women.  

  I’ve enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more my Liz Higgs. If you’ve got a chance I suggest that you give this one a shot. It’s a good read for those of us who are every day normal people.

Happy reading!