4 Days to a Forever Marriage

4 Days to a Forever Marriage

Whether you've been married for two or 20 years, marriage is a twisting, turning roller coaster ride full of ups and downs. When you say your vows with stars in your eyes, you know it takes work, but until you've navigated the sometimes choppy waters for awhile, it's really hard to get a clear perspective on just how challenging it can be.


I've been married for over 12 years and know without a doubt that my wife is truly my soulmate. That doesn't mean that the road hasn't been a bumpy one. Beyond the everyday messes and challenges, in 2004 life threw us a curve that has brought many a happy marriage to ruins, we lost our infant son. It was a terrible time in our lives, but we chose to keep our faith, hold on to one another and work through it as a loving couple, rather than letting our marriage crumble in our grief.

Since then, we've been blessed with three more sons. I truly feel that they're God's gifts to us for staying strong and believing that he was with us and would carry us through.


Having a healthy, happy marriage requires making these choices again and again. And, since every situation and couple is different, sometimes we need a little outside help. After weathering the loss of our son together, we knew our love was true and would stand the test of time.


That hasn't kept time from testing our love, though. As we mature, change and our family goes through new stages, we constantly work at our relationship. And, because my wife is crazy about books that bring us closer together, we've had the privilege of reading many Christian couple books together. The most recent was Gary and Norma Smalley's 4 Days to a Forever Marriage.


The book is a quick, easy read, and is quite different than a lot of other titles we've read together. It's written from both their perspectives and integrates both Scripture and anecdotal advice. The other thing I like about it is that it's not a situational book. The topics of love, communication, connection and understanding are universal to many tough, stressful challenges that occur in every marriage.


We had a great marriage before we read 4 Days, but we definitely had some breakthroughs along the way that strengthened our understanding of each other and have continued to keep us making our relationship better ever day. Whether you're weathering a storm or just want to improve a wonderful union, it's a helpful tool for to improve your bond and strengthen your marriage.